LE HOME DE BELVES, your restaurant in Dordogne

The HOME DE BELVES restaurant welcomes you all at the very heart of the Dordogne, in Belvès.

Our traditional cuisine will refine your palate, be it inside or out on the terrace.

Enjoy the quality during your meal

LE HOME DE BELVES will make you taste its light gastronomy and its subtle flavours. Taste our dishes: they’re all made with fresh products carefully selected by our chef. We offer you a rich menu including several recipes that will simply titillate your taste buds. We have several diversified menus including specialties of the region, soups, desserts, and so forth; they are all for you to discover and taste whenever you want. And to complement your meals, you can choose among or selection of local wines such as Bergerac, Pécharmant, Cahors or Bordeaux.

Local dishes from the region made just for you to enjoy

Hôtel Belvès

Our chef’s objective is to satisfy your tastebuds!

LE HOME DE BELVES is the ideal place for appreciating the great food of Périgord Noir. In addition, our restaurant is also very well-known in the region for its catering service and as a place where to organise your events.

It proposes several options that fit all kinds of tastes, whether you are alone or in a group. The creativity of our chef shall make both private individuals and professionals happy, as well as anyone who loves our refined French cuisine. You will have the privilege of enjoying a meal in a serene environment

We have special formulas for groups

Hôtel Belvès

Le home de belves will make you enjoy:

  • Its indoor dining room
  • Its beautiful terrace
  • Its specialities of the region
  • Its local wines
  • Its light and original dishes

Be it in our dining room or outside on the terrace, just enjoy our incomparable dishes.